Good advice on loans & refinancing. You get a personal adviser – completely free of charge

Forsikringshuset Vest collaborates with Eiendomsfinans to offer its customers an even better overall experience. You get a personal adviser who helps you find the right bank and the right solution for your loans. Small changes can save a lot here.


Christian Magnus Kjær
Your personal advisor
Phone: 900 46 478 | e-mail: christian@eiendomsfinans.no

Christian is an advisor at Eiendomsfinans Bergen and has worked with us since 2018. Education: bachelor in economics and administration from England. During his working years, he has worked both with private and business insurance, as well as finance.

The most important thing for Christian is to find good solutions for his customers.

– I constantly experience that customers have been to their own bank and had a look around but have not received the help they need. I believe in good and close contact with my customers from Forsikringshuset Vest . This is the key to finding the right solutions, understanding you as a customer and what you need.

You can also read more about me here

Some of the products we can help you with:

Refinance mortgage

If you want to refinance your mortgage to renovate, build on, consolidate loans or change conditions, you can read more here

Refinance expensive small loans

At times in their lives, many people find that they have piled up 20,000 here and 30,000 there on various credit cards and consumer loans. The interest on such loans is often between 14-24%, so here it pays to combine everything into one consumer loan. We can help you collect expensive small loans without having to have security in your home.

Restart loan

Restart loans are a fresh start when you have found yourself in a situation with payment notices. We will then help you with a new loan to collect everything and delete payment notices.

New mortgage

First time buying a home? Then you need some good advice and, not least, a proof of financing. We quickly calculate how much you can expect to be approved for the purchase of a new home.

Intermediate financing

Interim financing usually has a term of up to six months, with the possibility of a few months’ extension. This means that you can own two homes for up to approx. half a year. When you or the broker receive the settlement for the home you have sold, the intermediate financing is paid back to the bank.

How can this be a free service?

Eiendomfinans cooperates with many different banks. It is more affordable for these banks that we help them find the right customers, than for them to establish new branch offices and hire more people. We therefore get paid by the banks for the work we do and we never charge the customer.

Why should you use an adviser from Eiendomsfinans?

As mentioned, we work with 19 different banks. This gives us a lot of knowledge and a large product range when we have to help you choose the right bank and the right financial solution. No bank is best for everyone, but we will find the one that best suits your wishes and needs. You don’t have to spend time on several meetings with different banks, you don’t have to write a lot of applications and you save a lot of time. You tell your story once, and your advisor Christian designs an optimized loan application on your behalf. He also quickly sees which of our cooperating banks will suit you best.

Current offers are then presented to you and you are free to accept or decline. Our services are also non-binding. Do you see any good reason to spend a lot of time on this yourself, when an expert can do the job for you – completely free of charge?