We help you find the right bank!

Mortgages on tender from several banks. The work we do in obtaining offers for loans or refinancing is free for you as a customer. Fill in the simple form and you will hear from us shortly.

→ Loan secured by real estate

→ Option for real surety

→ Short-term financing between purchase and sale

→ Refinancing with deletion of payment notes

→ Collect all debts into one loan

Compares mortgages from several banks

Eiendomsfinans applies for loans, compares terms and good solutions on behalf of the customer. Our services are free for you as a customer. You only tell your story once and we carry on the work with the banks we think are relevant for you.

There are several banks in Norway that help customers collect expensive debts or delete payment notices. Eiendomfinans works with all of these. In addition, we work with a number of regular banks for customers who have no objections.

We help you with all types of private financing, mortgages, loans without collateral, car loans, caravans or snowmobiles.

Eiendomfinans helps members of with financing solutions.