Julianne Skovli Gåsvær

Marketing manager

I’m the right person to talk to at our company when it matters:

Our websites, intranet, events, Google, DMs, presentations, office supplies, branding products and general marketing.

e-mail: julianne@eiendomsfinans.no

Julianne Skovli Gåsvær profile picture

I’ve worked at Eiendomsfinans since 2003 and started my career here as an advisor. Since 2008, I have worked more and more with marketing and today I work 100% with it.

In addition to managing our websites, my tasks are

  1. Market strategy development: to develop an overall market strategy aimed at achieving the company’s goals. This includes analyzing the market, identifying target audiences, and determining the best approaches to reach these groups.
  2. Marketing campaigns: to increase the visibility of the company and our products. This involves the use of digital marketing strategies, traditional advertising, event sponsorship and other tactics.
  3. Branding: An important part of the role is to develop and maintain the company’s brand. This includes defining the brand’s values, identity and positioning in the market.
  4. Market research: Monitors market trends, consumer preferences and the competitive situation. This helps to make strategic decisions and adapt marketing efforts.
  5. Collaborate with the sales team: It is important to collaborate with the sales team to ensure that marketing efforts support sales activities and objectives.
  6. Budget management: Manages the marketing budget and ensures that resources are used effectively to achieve desired results.
  7. Analysis of results: After the completion of marketing campaigns, the results are evaluated. This provides insights that can be used to adjust and improve future market strategies.

Essentially, it’s about creating and maintaining a positive image of the company in the market 🙂