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Consumer loans

Sometimes in life, a consumer loan might come in handy. We check with several providers where you get the best terms.

Interest from 7,90 % - 19,90 % nom. Example: 200 000,- nom. 14,15 %, eff. 15,60 %, total: 374 807,- with 10 years repayment period.

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What is required?

A minimum income of at least 200,000 is required, at least 23 years of age and that you have lived and taxed in Norway for a minimum of 3 years.

Consumer loans from 25,000 and up to 500,000. In refinancing, the repayment period will be equal to or shorter than the one you currently have, up to 15 years. The maximum repayment period for new loans is 5 years. A less expensive alternative to credit cards.

The example in the calculator and header is calculated as a refinancing with a 10 years repayment period, 900,- arrangement fee,  30,-/month installment charges.

Example 2, new loan: 65.000,- o/5 years, eff. rate 16,7%, cost: 28.908,-, total: 93.908,-


Gather expensive loans

There are many thousands to save on merge different credits in one consumer loan.

The interest rate is much lower and you get one loan to relate to.

You can merge loans up to 500,000, -. Read more here


Additional loan

Do you need money for refurbishment?

The additional loan is a credit from 250,000 to 600,000 without the creation of collateral in real estate.
It is required that you own a property even if a collateral is not established.
his is a time-saving option.