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Interest rates will be much lower, often up to 10% lower.

Interest from 7.90% to 19.90% nom. Example at 200,000, - nom. 14.15%, eff. 15.60%, total 374 807, -

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You can gather loans up to 500,000, -

There are thousands to save on gathering different credits in one consumer loan. The interest rate is much lower, often up to 10% lower, and you get fewer bills to relate to. In addition, you save a lot on all term fees that these loan loans usually have. If you have several small loans or creditcards today there is nothing to think about - apply now! You can gather loans up to 500,000, -. If you are looking for more money than you wish to refinance, we can pay the remaining amount to your account.


4 different credit cards with a balance of 40,000 on each of these. Eff. interest 22,90% costs approx. 3177, - every month for 10 years.

By gathering an amount of 160,000, with an average interest rate of 14.15%/eff. 15,62%*, the same money will cost approx. 2543, - per month for 10 years, or you can reduce the maturity by more than 3 years. In total over the ten-year term of the loan you will be able to save 76 157!

*installment charges 30,-/month, arrangement fee: 900,-

In the case of refinancing, the maturity shall be equal or shorter than the one you currently have, up to 15 years. The maximum maturity for new loans is 5 years. The example in the calculator and header is calculated as a refinancing with 10 years' maturity.