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Expensive lendings, debt collection, forced sale? - Yes, there is still hope.

It is important to address the problems before you end up in a situation where forced sale and debt settlement are the only solution. Even when you've got there, it might be possible to find a solution. It is possible to delete payment notes. We help you get control of the economy again. Few loans and fixed expenses are usually the key to economic calm and order. It is required that you can offer up to 85% security in real estate and that you have the ability to manage the loan. We have the opportunity to obtain such a type of loan, also for customers with payment remarks. In essence there is security in housing and liquidity that counts. For the quickest possible case processing, include the latest tax report, fresh paycheck, valuation, debt overview and any other relevant information.

Loan example

Eff. interest 5,34% loan 2 mill. o/ 25 years, cost kr 1.582.298,- total kr 3.582.298,-