Team Bergen Kapa

Team Bergen Kapa helps you find the right bank and loan for home purchase or refinancing.

Kaland & Partners can via Eiendomsfinans
offer its customers a wider range of
offers and solutions for financing.

A large selection of banks and products means far more solutions and better offers for more customers. Real estate agents that are owned by a bank only recommend that one bank. Eiendomsfinans cooperates with 14 mortgage banks!

In addition to a rich banking offer in regular banks, we can also help a great many of those who cannot get a loan from a traditional bank.
These can be customers such as:

  • have a non-traditional form of income (influencers, artists, commission-based income, etc.)
  • has payment notes
  • are more than 2 patrons (family buys together)
  • self-employed

Ask us for a non-binding offer by filling in the contact form.

Team Bergen Kapa never charges you as a customer, we get paid by the banks we work with.

Eiendomsfinans is a financial agent who obtains loan offers on behalf of the customer, we are the customer’s objective party in the banking market. After we have mapped the customer’s wishes and needs, we obtain the necessary information and documentation and optimize a loan application to the banks we think are a good fit for the customer in question. The customer does not have to spend time in many bank meetings himself and does not have to tell the same story time and time again.

Team Bergen Kapa – you are welcome to contact one of us directly:

Elisabeth Eland
Phone 940 56 783

Vilde Sunde
Phone 476 65 050

Christian Magnus Kjær
Phone 900 46 478

Christopher W. Farestveit
Phone 918 88 535

Christopher W. Farestveit

Daniel A. Bruland
Phone 934 23 744

Daniel A Bruland

Adam D. Ahlquist
Phone 911 92 602

Even Røsæther
Phone 921 22 722

Even Røsæther

Knut A. Hagelien
Phone 909 98 262

Knut Andreas Hagelien


Free Service

All our services are free for you as a customer, because we are remunerated by the banks we work with. The offer or offers we present to you are non-binding.


Permanent advisor

Personal follow-up is the key word with us. You get a permanent advisor who sees your entire financial picture, so that we can advise you on changes you should consider to achieve the lowest possible cost on your loans.


Many years of experience

Since 1993, we have helped tens of thousands of customers find the right bank and loan product, and no similar company in Norway has our selection of partners in financing.