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Eiendomsfinans - in briefEiendomsfinans AS is an independent company granting loans. Thanks to the close cooperation with partner banks and financial institutions , we are able to offer our customers some of the best interest rate available in the market. We are very proud of our team and process requests. We offer housing loans, to buy a car and consumer loans. Our goal is to provide customers the most favorable mortgage that are on the market . We organize face to face meetings to discuss financial needs , as well as help in obtaining the best possible credit terms. Please note that our services are free of charge for our customers. Service and SupportWe place great emphasis on personal service and support to our customers. After receiving all the necessary documents , we are usuallyable to analyze the matter within 2 working days. In case of receiving a home loan, prepare all the necessary documents. It is the customer who chooses the time and place of the meeting to sign the final papers. Why Eiendomsfinans ?We are an independent intermediary company in obtaining mortgages. This means that we work with many financial institutions to provide our customers with the best credit terms. Our services are free of charge for customers. Company Eiendomsfinans submit an application for a mortgage loan on behalf of the client. The application must contain complete and accurate information on all relevant factors. Then the bank makes an independent assessment of the application and the information contained therein. We also provide great offers on insurance -please contact us for more information.