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Eiendomsfinans' privacy policy

We in Eiendomsfinans AS (organization number 987 214 597) deal with personal information in connection with providing financial advice to private individuals (see section 1) in connection with direct marketing (see section 2) and in connection with web analytics (see section 3). We also process personal information when we assist in the conclusion of agreements on loans, credit and insurance (see section 4).
In the following we will inform about the responsibilities we have with the treatments, what is the purpose of the treatments, what personal information we treat and how we treat personal information. We also want to inform about the rights they have registered and how the registrants can exercise them (item 5).
1 In connection with financial advice
1.1 Responsibilities
It is Eiendomsfinans AS, which is the processing officer for processing personal information in connection with financial advice, and which shall ensure that the information is processed in accordance with the applicable Personal Information Act.
We use certain external suppliers, including in connection with the operation and maintenance of our information systems. These process personal data on our behalf and in accordance with a written agreement. This agreement imposes on the supplier a number of duties, including confidentiality and duty to provide satisfactory information security.
1.2 Details of the purpose of the treatment
We process personal information to provide private individuals (customers) with financial advice, especially related to loans and insurance services. This means that we keep up to date on what offers are available in these markets and provide customers with advice regarding. if he or she should enter into new agreements and possibly with which providers.
1.3 What personal information is being processed
When the Customer addresses us for financial advice, we will ask for the Customer's name and contact information, and about such information and documentation as is necessary for us to provide qualified advice.
The personal data processed will vary on a case by case basis, but typically include information about the customer's personal identification number, employment and income, housing and property, debt and other financial obligations, terms of existing agreements with banks and insurance companies, marital status and household size. The information is obtained from the Customer itself or from third parties in accordance with a written authorization from the Customer. In addition, we collect information about credit rating from credit information agencies.
The information will relate to the Customer itself, and in certain cases to other members of the Customer's family and household. 
1.4 Legal basis for the treatment
Eiendomsfinans AS processes personal information about the Customer because it is necessary for us to provide financial advice at the customer's request, before any eventual agreement where the Customer is a party. The treatment is permitted by the type of privacy regulation. 6 letter b.
We treat information about other members of the Customer's family or household, as far as is necessary to safeguard the Customer's legitimate interest in receiving financial advice and the interest exceeds the interests, rights, and freedoms of the other registrars. The treatment is permitted by the type of privacy regulation. 6 letter f.
We encourage our Customers not to send us information about racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religion, conviction or union membership, health information or information about a sexual personality or sexual orientation of a physical person. It will only be appropriate to treat such information in some special cases, and we will then request a separate consent from the registered. In such cases, the customers agree on behalf of any child to which they have parental responsibility.
1.5     Is the authenticity of documents verified?
Eiendomsfinans will verify the authenticity of the documents we receive from the Customer when there is reason to suspect documents are forged. This may imply that we will file the document for alleged documentary of the documents, if it is necessary to clarify the authenticity legitimate interest in securing and collaborating against fraud and other criminal offenses. In cases of suspicion, this interest is heavier than the interests of the registrars' interests, rights and freedoms

1.6 How long is the information processed?
We process personal information as long as necessary to provide financial advice to the Customer. We will delete the personal information within one week after the Customer informs us that he or she will no longer wish to receive our advice, or if consent for the processing of specific categories of personal data is withdrawn. However, we will delete the information after 5 years after the last successful follow-up of the Customer.

We retain Customer's contact details for up to 10 years, unless the Customer specifically reserves this.
1.7 Delivery to third parties
We deliver personal information to banks and insurance providers when it is necessary to assist the Customer in obtaining offers, applications and agreements, cf. section 3.
Personal information will otherwise be handed out if it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation that is attributable to Eiendomfinans, including upon instructions from public authorities (such as the Danish FSA or Data Inspectorate).
We will also deliver personal information to the Police when there is suspicion of attempted criminal actions against Eiendomsfinans or our Providers.
2. In connection with direct marketing Eiendomsfinans AS processes personal information to provide direct marketing about products and services that we or our affiliates offer. The marketing activities are in accordance with the provisions of the Marketing Act. We are the person responsible for processing personal information in connection with direct marketing, which shall ensure that the information is processed in accordance with the Personal Information Act. We treat contact information, and information about age, income and debt ratio, and residential address to provide offers tailored to Customer's expected needs. The Customer may at any time oppose that we treat his / her personal information for marketing purposes by contacting us at firmapost@eiendomsfinans.no The processing of personal data for marketing purposes is in this case permitted in accordance with Article 6f of the Personal Data Protection Regulation.
3. In connection with web analytics

When you visit our website (www.eiendomsfinans.no) we register different types of information about you in a "Cookie". A Cookie is a small file that is stored locally with you. It is not harmful and can not contain viruses or programs. What it does is to store information from our site, such as when you visited us last or data you've entered into an order form. It's a cookie that makes our site remember, for example, which language you prefer and add this by default to you. This section aims to explain how we collect data about users on our web pages, what we use or can use this information, as well as explain what you can do to control the use of this information. What information is registered about you as a user When you visit Eiendomsfinans online, we register different types of information about you as a user: Your position, using IP address, location data, or the like Your web behavior, like which pages you visit and how often, or products you order Technical information about your browser and your operating system How we collect and store information about you Information about you as a user is captured and stored using cookies / cookies and in some cases your IP address. All data traffic between your browser and our servers is encrypted and stored with our strict data security requirements. The purposes and how we use data collected on the site Data about your web behavior is being used for several different purposes:

Analytical purposes
• In order to learn from your and other users' behavior, we use a system called Google Analytics. Here we analyze data so we can improve the site's functionality, user experience and content. The data, such as IP address, is stored anonymously on ...... .. servers in ....... These values ​​are anonymous and contain no information that can be traced back to you, and IP addresses are anonymized. Cookies used for this purpose are:(eg ACOOKIE, WT_FPC, others)

We use one ....... System called ....... to manage the tools we use in connection with analysis and marketing. Here data is not stored.

Technical Purpose
In order for our site to be as stable as possible, we allocate traffic to multiple servers with a traffic distributor 'junction'.Cookies used for this purpose are:(ex IV_JCT)


Personal adjustments
To ensure that content is most relevant to you, we use cookies that contain data such as language, segment, and digital device. The information we collect in connection with the use of the Site may in some cases be combined with information from your other Customer Relationship.

Cookies used for this purpose are:

We use cookies issued by third parties to provide you with more relevant ads and relevant offers in other channels. This is data based on content and pages you have visited with us. The information in the cookies will be aggregated before being sent to third parties. The Personal Information Act and its concessions and the Marketing Act regulate further the use of customer information for this purpose. Third party players we use are Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Third party cookies used for this purpose are: (eg: Id, NID, PREF, YSC, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE)
... ..


Settings for using cookies in browsers
By allowing cookies to be used, you will be able to get a more relevant user experience of sites you visit. You can still change this by making changes to settings in your browser. On netvett.no you will find descriptions of how you can delete cookies or reject cookies.


4. As Agent for Banks and Insurance Providers We act as agents on behalf of lenders and insurance providers (Providers). We hereby process personal information on behalf of the Offerors, in connection with obtaining offers, submitting applications and upon possible subsequent notice. It is the Providers who are responsible for processing our personal information in this regard. We are to be considered as Providers' Data Processors, and process personal information in accordance with a written agreement with these. We also use some external subcontractors, including in connection with the operation and maintenance of our information systems. These treat personal data in accordance with a written agreement that imposes on the subcontractor similar duties as we are facing the treatment officers.
5. The Registrar's Rights: The registered person has the right at any time to gain access to the information we have about him and to supplement or correct incorrect or incomplete personal information. If the registrant requests it, we will provide information provided by the person himself, in a commonly used machine-readable format or by registered post
 The registrant may also oppose the processing of personal data for marketing purposes, cf. section 2, and withdraw any consent granted for the processing of specific categories of personal data, cf. section 1.4. In this case, the treatment should cease. You can contact us through one of the addresses below if you want to make your rights apply or want more information about how Eiendomsfinans processes your personal information:
 E-mail: firmapost@eiendomsfinans.no
 Address: Eiendomsfinans, Cappelensgate 24, 3015 Drammen Any inquiries about the bank or insurance company's processing of personal data must be addressed directly to the relevant Provider. You will find an updated list of our providers here.