Special loan

Special loan:

– a loan for you who cannot get a loan from a traditional bank

Special loan

Some loan applicants have difficulties in getting a loan approved in traditional banks, even though their income should be good enough to get a loan approved. Reasons for this can be:

– Self-employed
– Brief history of own company
– A lot of consumer debt
– Annual or quarterly salaries
– Non-traditional profession, e.g.: influencer, musician, artist
– Several loan applicants, families want to buy together

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What is a Special loan?

Not everyone is completely within the traditional A4 box in relation to debt, income, living arrangements and lifestyle. Standard mortgage banks want customers who are permanently employed, preferably have good education, have saved up equity and are no more than 2 people buying a home together. The income must come into the account every month and the total debt must not exceed more than 5 times the gross total income. These are often the criteria for obtaining financing for the purchase of a home .

Not everyone meets these criteria, but that doesn’t mean they are bad loan customers for that reason, just a little different. Fortunately, in recent years, new banks have appeared that believes in these customers. That is why they have created the loan product Special loan. Eiendomsfinans cooperates with these banks and will help you find which one suits you best. The different banks have their own ways of calculating and different criteria they emphasize, we know which and what.

There are some criteria that the vast majority of banks must comply with and they are:

  • that the debt must not be higher than 5 times the total gross annual income
  • that a home must not have a loan for more than 85% of its value

However, how the banks calculate these criteria varies. We know well how the different banks calculate, what they value and how they can find a solution for you. Then it’s about choosing the bank that best meets your wishes and needs. You will be assigned a personal adviser from Eiendomsfinans who will help you free of charge with the application and sort out the banks that will be relevant in your case. It is not the case that a bank is best for everyone, but when your adviser knows what you want, he or she will quickly give you some good advice about which banks are right for you.

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Interest and fees on this type of loan are higher than normal mortgages, the reason for this being that the bank takes a higher risk with the loans. The interest rate below is an average interest rate, but if you have no payment notes, the interest rate will be a good deal lower than this. We are obliged to present an average interest rate.

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