1 In connection with financial advice

1.1 Responsibilities

Eiendomsfinans AS is responsible for the processing of personal data in connection with financial advice, and must ensure and demonstrate that the data is processed in accordance with the current Personal Data Act. We use certain external suppliers, including in connection with the operation and maintenance of our information systems. These process personal data on our behalf, and in accordance with a written agreement. This agreement imposes a number of duties on the supplier, including confidentiality and the duty to ensure satisfactory information security.

1.2 More about the purpose of the processing

We process personal data to provide private individuals (Customers) with financial advice, particularly related to loans and insurance services. This means that we keep up-to-date on what offers are available in these markets, and give the Customers advice regarding whether the person concerned should enter into new agreements and possibly with which providers.

1.3 What personal data is processed

When the Customer approaches us for financial advice, we will ask for the Customer’s name and contact details, and for such information and documentation as is necessary for us to be able to give qualified advice. Which personal data is processed will vary from case to case, but will typically include information about the Customer’s social security number, employment and income, housing and property, debts and other financial obligations, terms in existing agreements with banks and insurance companies, marital status and household size. The information is obtained from the Customer himself, or from third parties in accordance with a written authorization from the Customer. In addition, we collect information on creditworthiness from credit reference agencies. The information will relate to the Customer himself, and in certain cases to other members of the Customer’s family and household.

1.4 Legal basis for the processing

Eiendomsfinans AS processes personal data about the Customer because it is necessary for us to be able to provide financial advice at the Customer’s request, before any agreement is entered into where the Customer is a party. The processing is permitted according to the Personal Data Protection Ordinance, art. 6 letter b. We process information about other members of the Customer’s family or household, as far as this is necessary to safeguard the Customer’s legitimate interest in receiving financial advice, and the interest exceeds the interests, rights and freedoms of the other data subjects. The processing is permitted according to the Personal Data Protection Ordinance, art. 6 letter f. We encourage our Customers not to send us information about racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religion, belief or trade union membership, health information or information about a natural person’s sexual relationship or sexual orientation. It will only be appropriate to process such information in some special cases, and we will then ask for a special consent from the data subjects. In that case, the customers consent on behalf of any children for whom the person has parental responsibility.

1.5 Is the authenticity of documents verified?

Eiendomsfinans will verify the authenticity of the documents that we receive from the Customer, when there is reason to suspect that documents have been forged. This may mean that we present the document to the alleged document issuer, if this is necessary to clarify the authenticity. Eiendomsfinans has a legitimate interest in securing itself and its business partners against fraud and other criminal offences. In cases of suspicion, this interest outweighs consideration of the data subjects’ interests, rights and freedoms.

1.6 How long is the information processed?

We process the personal data for as long as is necessary to provide the Customer with financial advice. We will delete the personal data within one week after the Customer informs us that he or she no longer wishes to receive our advice, or if consent to the processing of special categories of personal data is withdrawn. In any case, we will delete the information when 5 years have passed since the last follow-up carried out by the Customer. We retain the Customer’s contact details for up to 10 years, unless the Customer makes a special reservation against this.

1.7 Disclosure to third parties

We hand over the personal data to banks and insurance providers, when it is necessary to assist the Customer with obtaining offers, applications and entering into agreements, cf. section 3. The personal data will otherwise be handed out if it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation which is the responsibility of Eiendomfinans, including following orders from public authorities (for example Finanstilsynet or Datatilsynet). We will also hand over personal data to the Police when there is suspicion of attempted criminal acts against Eiendomfinans or our Providers.

2. In connection with direct marketing

Eiendomsfinans AS processes personal data to provide direct marketing of products and services that we or our partners offer. The marketing activities take place in accordance with the provisions of the Marketing Act. We are responsible for the processing of personal data in connection with direct marketing, and must ensure and demonstrate that the information is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act. We process contact details, and information on age, income and debt, as well as residential address in order to provide offers that are adapted to the Customer’s assumed needs. The customer can at any time object to us processing the person’s personal data for marketing purposes, by contacting us at In this case, the processing of personal data for marketing purposes is permitted according to Article 6 f of the Personal Data Protection Regulation.

3. In connection with web analysis

When you visit our website ( we register various types of information about you in a “cookie”. A cookie is a small file that is stored locally with you. It is not harmful and cannot contain viruses or programs. What it does is store information from our website, for example when you last visited us or that you entered data into an order form. It is a cookie that enables our website to remember, for example, which language you prefer and set this as the default choice for you. In addition to normal functionality in Google Analytics, special adjustments have also been made to the loan forms. Here we track how long it takes the user to fill in each field, but do NOT save the information that is filled in the forms.

The purpose of this section is to explain how we collect data about the users on our websites, what we use or can use this information for, as well as explain what you can do to control the use of this information.

What information is recorded about you as a user

When you visit Eiendomsfinans online, we register various types of information about you as a user:

  • Your location, using IP address, location data or the like
  • Your web behaviour, such as which pages you visit and how often, or products you order
  • Technical information about your browser and operating system

How we collect and store information about you

Information about you as a user is captured and stored using cookies and in some cases your IP address.

All data traffic between your browser and our servers is encrypted, and is stored with our strict requirements for data security.

The purposes and how we use data collected on the website

Data about your web behavior is used for several different purposes:

Analytical purposes

In order to be able to learn from your and other users’ behaviour, we use a system called Google Analytics. Here we analyze data so that we can improve the website’s functionality, user experience and content. The data, such as IP address, is stored anonymously. Statistics about users and traffic are usually used in aggregated form, so that the statistics do not contain any kind of information that can be linked directly to you as an identified person.

Technical purposes

  • No cookies used for this purpose, if any; Google maps.


In order to provide our customers with relevant and customized marketing offers, we use the data to choose which customers will receive which offers. The Personal Data Act with associated licenses and the Marketing Act regulate the use of customer data for this purpose.

Marketing on other websites

Our websites may contain links to third-party websites, products and services, including social media (e.g. Facebook’s social add-ons). Third-party services or third-party applications available on our websites are subject to the third-party’s privacy policy. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy practices of these third parties. With the help of cookies, we can also collect information to direct advertisements or content to a specific user through the use of so-called target groups.​

Settings for the use of cookies in browsers

By allowing the use of cookies, you will be able to have a more relevant user experience of the websites you visit. You can still change this by making changes to the settings in your browser. At you will find descriptions of how you can delete cookies or reject cookies.

4. As an agent for banks and insurance providers

We act as agents on behalf of lenders and insurance providers (Providers). We thereby process personal data on behalf of the Bidders, in connection with the collection of offers, submission of applications and in case of any subsequent conclusion of an agreement. It is the Providers who are responsible for our processing of personal data in that connection. We are to be considered the Provider’s data processors, and process the personal data in accordance with a written agreement with them. We also use certain external subcontractors, for example in connection with the operation and maintenance of our information systems. These process personal data in accordance with a written agreement that imposes on the subcontractor corresponding duties that we have towards the data controllers.

5. The rights of the data subjects

Those registered have the right at any time to access the information we hold about them, and to have incorrect or incomplete personal information supplemented or corrected. If the data subject requests it, we will deliver information that the data subject has himself given us, via registered mail per mail.

The registered person can also object to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes, cf. pt. 2, and withdraw any consents that have been given to the processing of special categories of personal data, cf. pt. 1.4. In this case, the treatment must cease.

You can contact us through one of the addresses below if you want to assert your rights, or want more information about how Eiendomsfinans processes your personal data:


Address: Eiendomsfinans, Hauges gate 2, 3019 Drammen

Inquiries about the bank’s or insurance company’s processing of personal data must be directed directly to the Provider in question. You will find an updated list of our providers here.