Car Loan

Car Loan

We help you find out how much you can borrow so you are ready
to act when the dream car appears. However, you have
found the car you want already, you can get an offer
car loan within a very short time.

  1. Apply for a loan or loan certificate, and have this ready before you find the car you want
  2. When you have found the car you want to buy, you should:
    – Check the car’s condition carefully with NAF or an approved workshop
    – Check the Brønnøysund Register if there are financial encumbrances
    – Check if the car has valid EU control
    – Make sure that the seller’s identification matches the name of the owner in the vehicle card. If you pay to someone who does not own the car, you risk losing both the money and the car. Write “REGNR” in an SMS to number 2282 (Statens Vegvesen) before the registration number: REGNR AA00000. The service is subject to a fee.
  3. All loan documents must be signed and returned to the bank before handing over / re-registering the object
  4. Always write a purchase contract
  5. Take out hull insurance with a mortgagee interest
  6. Submit notification of change of ownership (vehicle card part 2) and pay re-registration fee
  7. Once the car has been re-registered, it is ready for payment. The bank repays any debt and pays the rest of the loan amount directly to the seller


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4 416 kr. Per måned


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Etb. gebyr

2500 Kr




95 Kr



Tip: Under “Your page” on you can get an overview of all your vehicles, send a sales report,
report loss of vehicle license and check the deadline for EU control.


With us, you can get an offer for a car loan both for the purchase of a new car from a dealer, as well as a used car from a private individual. Send us an inquiry and we will contact you, ask you for some details about the desired car and your financial situation. While we are talking to you, we register the loan application directly in the system. We aim to provide you with an offer or feedback as soon as possible.

It is always smart to have a pre-qualificationletter ready, then you know how much money you can borrow to buy a new or used car. Such proof is a security both for you and for the seller who sees that you are able to finance a car purchase. Apply for a car loan or loan certificate today!

Are you perhaps interested in a loan for a motorhome or caravan?

Our partner for car loans is Brage Finans

By choosing a car loan as a financing solution, the repayment period will be adapted to the car’s decline in value.
You can also borrow with a mortgage on the home if you have available collateral in your property.
There is no opportunity to borrow with a car mortgage after the purchase of the car has been completed. You sign the loan with BankID.

Loan examples with 35% equity:
You can find updated interest rates here: Price list Brage Finans

Car Loan

Price example from Brage Finans: NOK. 250,000, over 7 years, nominal interest rate 6.80%, effective interest rate 8.17%, cost NOK. 77,936 total SEK. 327 936.

Green car loan

Price example green Car loan: NOK. 250,000, over 7 years, nominal interest rate 6.65%, effective interest rate 7.86%, cost NOK. 74,913 total SEK. 324 913.

Insurance-free car loan

Equity 35%: NOK 100,000, over 5 years, nominal interest 13.30%, effective interest 16.97%, cost NOK 47,287, a total of NOK 147 287.


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