There are several types of loans and Eiendomsfinans finds the solutions that suit your wishes and needs.

Via Eiendomsfinans , Norhus can offer its customers a wider range of offers and solutions than a single bank. Eiendomsfinans represents a total of 14 mortgage banks.

That means far more solutions for far more customers. In addition to a rich banking offer in regular banks, we can also help a great many of those who cannot get a loan from a traditional bank.
These can be customers who.

  • have a non-traditional form of income (influencers, artists, commission-based income, etc.)
  • has payment notes
  • are more than 2 patrons (family buys together)
  • self-employed
  • Our services are free of charge for the customer.


Frode started in Eiendomsfinans in 2008 and has extensive experience with all types of financing. He is passionate about finding the best possible solution for each individual customer. Haagensen has worked with developers, appraisers and estate agents for all these years, and knows what is important to both the customer, the bank and the developer. Frode looks forward to helping you finance your next dream home.

Telephone: 902 87 838


Here you can read more about us and our history. We started in 1993 and are today a nationwide company with 9 branch offices with a total of 72 advisers as of Nov. 2020. You will find us in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Lillestrøm, Drammen, Ski, Gjøvik and Harstad.

We are concerned with good customer service and that you have a permanent adviser throughout.


Free Service

All our services are free for you as a customer, because we are remunerated by the banks we work with. The offer or offers we present to you are non-binding.


Permanent advisor

Personal follow-up is the key word with us. You get a permanent advisor who sees your entire financial picture, so that we can advise you on changes you should consider to achieve the lowest possible cost on your loans.


Many years of experience

Since 1993, we have helped tens of thousands of customers find the right bank and loan product, and no similar company in Norway has our selection of partners in financing.