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With us, you get good advice and competitive offers before your new home purchase. The advantage of using us when you apply for pre-qualification­letter is that we check with several banks to ensure you have good conditions. Together we find a reasonable term and the mortgage that suits your wishes and needs. Then you avoid spending time in a series of bank meetings, and you deal with a permanent adviser who knows your history. Eiendomsfinans optimizes the loan application and does the whole job of obtaining loan offers from relevant banks on your behalf.

You can also read more on our other pages about bridge loan , refinancing , deletion of payment notices , collecting expensive small loans , restart loans , special loans and senior loans .

Tip: The estate agent’s task will always be to secure the highest possible sales price for the seller. Therefore, remember that it is wise to keep your pre-qualification­letter to yourself, so that the broker does not know how much you are able to offer. Instead, ask the broker to call us to confirm the bid amount.

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What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan taken out to finance the purchase or refinancing of a home. Home loans can be taken out from banks, financial institutions or other lenders, and can have different terms and interest rates.

How is the interest rate on a mortgage calculated?

The interest rate on a home loan is calculated on the basis of a number of factors, such as the term of the loan, the size of the loan, your financial situation and the general level of interest rates in the market. Lenders may also allow you to choose between fixed and variable interest rates, depending on your wants and needs.

What is a housing quota?

A housing quota is a limit on how much you can borrow to buy a home, based on your financial situation. The housing quota is calculated by the lender, and takes into account, among other things, income, assets, debts and other obligations. The housing quota aims to ensure that you do not take out a mortgage that exceeds what you can afford to service.

What is an annuity loan?

An annuity loan is a type of mortgage where you pay off the loan in regular, monthly instalments. The installment amount consists of both interest and repayment, so that the loan gradually becomes smaller for each instalment. After

What is a serial loan?

A serial loan is a loan with variable installment amounts. The installment amount is what you as the borrower pay the bank each month/payment term and consists of interest, installments and installment fees. If you have a serial loan, the installments will be the same throughout the repayment period. With a serial loan, you pay less each month as you pay off the loan. The interest rate decreases, while the repayment portion remains the same. Read more about annuity loans vs serial loans here.

What is a floating rate loan?

A loan with a floating interest rate is a type of mortgage where the interest rate varies in line with the general interest rate level in the market. Loans with floating interest rates can be a good idea for you who want to be able to take advantage of low interest rates when they occur, but can also be more risky than loans with fixed interest rates, as you cannot be sure what the interest rate will be in the future .

What is a short term loan?

A loan with a short term is a mortgage that has a relatively short term, such as 5-10 years. Short-term loans can be attractive for those who want to pay off the loan quickly, but remember that it can be more expensive each month to have a loan with a short term than a loan with a longer term, as you have to pay off the loan over a shorter period.

What is a long term loan?

A loan with a long term is a mortgage that has a relatively long term, such as 30 years. Long terms may be appropriate for those who want to have lower monthly installment amounts, but remember that you will also pay more in interest over time with a loan with a long term.

What is a secured mortgage?

A mortgage with security, also called a secured mortgage, is a loan that requires you to provide some form of security for the loan. The security can be a property that the bank is willing to pledge. A mortgage with security can be an option for you who want to secure the loan with a value, but remember that you can lose the security if you are unable to service the loan.

Better interest on the mortgage

If you think that the interest rate on your home loan is above the average interest rate in the market, it makes sense to have a round with the bank first to find out if they are willing to adjust it. See Finansportalen for more information on mortgage interest rates at the various banks, or ask us. We have a very good overview of the banking market.

If the bank you have today is not willing to make adjustments to your interest rate, or if the changes are not good enough, it may be worth talking to us. We will quickly see if you can obtain better terms elsewhere, or possibly make sure that the interest rate you have today is good enough.

Changing banks is easier than many people think

If we find out that another bank is willing to give you a better interest rate, more flexible solution or a better product in general, it is easy to move the mortgage. We do all the work for you and guide you through the process. Anyone with a bank ID can sign a loan document electronically from most banks (applies to refinancing , not a new purchase). When changing accounts, most banks offer help with the transfer of e.g. direct debits. You then fill in a simple bank exchange form.

In order to obtain a loan offer on your behalf, we will need documentation of income and debt. We must be sent the latest tax return, a printout from the Debt Register and the latest pay slip. We can send you a link to obtain this automatically.

Filip Audunhu's adviser on mortgages

Fast case processing

With us, you will be assigned a permanent advisor who will help you throughout. After a pleasant conversation with you, we map out your financial situation.
What do you want?
Which banks or mortgage loan products are right for you?

For the fastest possible case processing with us, we can give you a link to retrieve the necessary documentation. These are documents such as the tax return, pay slip and information from the debt register.

Expectations/conditions regarding mortgages

Total debt should not exceed five times total annual gross income. Loans can be granted up to 85% of the home’s value/purchase price, mortgage /collateral security is accepted for any lack of equity.
To be approved for a new mortgage, you must have:
– minimum 15% of the purchase price + costs in equity.
You can also choose security in another property. For example, there may be security in your parents’ home if you lack equity.


New mortgage before you sell your old home?

If you want to buy a new home before you have sold your old one, you will need bridge loan . We calculate how much money you can borrow in advance in an existing home. You can borrow up to 85% of the value per home. This also applies to the home you already own, but are going to sell. So you cannot count on being able to borrow 100% of your saved value/capital.

Example: The value of the home is 6 million and the mortgage on it today is 3 million. You can then have a maximum loan + intermediate financing within 85% of the value, which then becomes 5.1 million (6 million x 85%). You already have 3 million in mortgages and can get an extra 2.1 million in a bridge financing .

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