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Experiences with Eiendomsfinans:

Kraft Bank helps people with financial problems in a proper way.

Kraft helps private individuals who are struggling with a difficult economy by offering refinancing of loans secured by housing and giving good advice on the way forward towards a healthy economy.

  1. We go through your finances and look at the possibility of refinancing to resolve debt collection and payment notices.
  2. It is an invariable requirement for us that the outcome should be that we put you as a customer in a better situation than you are in. If we can’t do that, we can’t offer loans either.
  3. If we see that we can manage this, we offer you refinancing. Then we draw up a plan to get your finances back on track. The aim is to get you back on your feet and into regular banking when you are ready.

Eiendomsfinans has a separate team at Kraft Bank that only works with our loan applications so that things go as quickly as possible for you as a customer. Fill in the application form and we will help you.

During opening hours, you are welcome to call us on 32 88 00 00 or at any time send us an inquiry by e-mail: