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Experiences with Eiendomsfinans:

Bluestep Bank is different.

Bluestep Bank offers re-startloans, savings, intermediate financing and mortgages . Different is one of our values, and we embrace individuality both on the customer side and with our employees. We look at solutions for the future and emphasize your opportunities and capacity going forward. Our vision is to help our customers into a stable financial situation.

Eiendomsfinans has a separate team at Bluestep Bank that only works with our loan applications so that things go as quickly as possible for you as a customer. Fill in the application form and we will help you.


We look at solutions for the future and Bluestep Bank communicates with customers in more than 20 different languages.
By following and adapting to societal developments, we make Bluestep Bank the obvious choice for anyone who falls outside the traditional templates. We have a close dialogue with both new and existing customers, for example self-employed, temporary workers and part-time employees.

During opening hours, you are welcome to call us on 32 88 00 00 or at any time send us an inquiry by e-mail: