Stop forced sales

Stop forced sales

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Get help to avoid forced sales. There are several banks and several ways to solve financial challenges. We work with all the banks that offer debt refinancing with payment notices: Bank 2, Bluestep, Nordax, MyBank, Balansebank, Svea and Kraft Bank

Together with you, we will find the bank and the solution that will be best for you. Don’t give up until you have talked to us about possible solutions!

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What is a forced sale of property?

Forced sale of property is a residential sale where the district court carries out the sale together with an assistant. The assistant is a lawyer or a real estate agent. Reasons why a property is required to be forcibly sold can be:

  • that the owner of the home has not paid common costs to the condominium or housing association
  • that the owner of the home has not paid on his loans at the agreed time, or has not paid on debt collection and loans with payment notices

For the vast majority, petitioning for the forced sale of a home is experienced as very demanding. Being forced to sell the house and move may mean that the children have to change schools, you have to rent instead of owning and for some, a longer journey to work. Financial problems are too embarrassing to talk about, it is difficult to ask for help from friends and family. We are here to help you who have found yourself in a situation where a forced sale of your home has been requested. Since 1993, we have helped tens of thousands of customers find good, financial solutions when it comes to mortgages and refinancing loans with payment notices.

Restart loan

For restart loans , the bank accepts that you have payment notices or debt collection. You must be able to offer security in housing. The restart loan is used to pay off loans with notes and you can consolidate all debts into one loan.


Special loan

Some loan applicants have difficulties in getting a loan approved in traditional banks, even though their income should be good enough to get a loan approved. Special loans can be the solution if you have a lot of consumer debt, are self-employed or have unusual income.


Delete payment notes

Do you have many expensive small loans, want to erase debt collection or perhaps you need assistance to find out who you owe money to? Even if you are at risk of debt settlement or forced sale, there may be solutions.


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The work we do for you in preparing an orderly, objective and optimized loan application is completely free of charge for you as a customer.
As the banks’ outstretched arm, they pay us for the work we do.
We work directly with our own teams in the banks. In this way, you usually get a faster case processing than if you apply yourself.

Do you know how to write a perfect loan application? – we do!
We then obtain offers from the bank(s) we think are best suited to you; Bank 2, Bluestep, Nordax, MyBank, Balansebank, Svea and Kraft Bank.

FAQ – questions and answers about forced sales

How do you find out about the petition?

The witness/police will read the petition to you where you live. Everyone over the age of 18 who lives in this home will be notified of the petition by post.

When does the court decide on the forced sale of a home?

If the claim is not paid and you have not submitted any objections, the court can order a forced sale.
The court decides whether the forced sale is to take place as an auction sale, or with the help of a broker/lawyer.

Can you sell the home yourself after the court has decided on a forced sale?

Even if the court has ordered a forced sale, you can sell the home voluntarily. In that case, the ongoing forced sale should be postponed and you must ask for a request for postponement from the plaintiff.

How does the actual sale take place?

The vast majority of forced sales take place via a lawyer or estate agent. The property is advertised for sale and viewings are held. The process is quite similar to a voluntary home sale. The case ends when the court approves a bid and distributes the purchase price to the creditors and others who may has the right to settlement. In those cases where the owner of the home (the defendant) does not cooperate with the broker/lawyer in connection with the sale of the home, the plaintiff can request that the defendant be evicted from the home on the basis of the Enforcement Act.

Can you ask for a postponement?

If you want and can pay all or part of the claim, you must contact the claimant. If the full claim is paid, the claimant will withdraw the petition. This is where we come into the picture. If we find an opportunity for refinancing, you can pay the entire claim. If you are only able to pay part of the claim, you should ask for a repayment agreement with the claimant, who can then apply for the case to be postponed. It is then important that you follow the payment plan, otherwise the matter will be started again.

Do you disagree with the basis of the petition?

You can make objections and the deadline for this is 1 month from the petition being read to you. The court sends the objections to the plaintiff. In most cases, the court decides on the case on the basis of the written presentation.

Can you appeal?

You can appeal both the decision and the ruling. The appeal deadline for a ruling confirming a bid is 1 month from the date of the ruling.
The appeal deadline for a ruling that distributes the purchase price is 1 month from when the ruling was read to you.

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