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Experiences with Eiendomsfinans:

Svea offers home loans, consumer loans and refinancing of expensive small loans and credit cards.

Refinancing can pay off, especially if you have several small loans and credits. Refinancing loans can help you get a better overview of your finances, and lower monthly costs. Do you have many different invoices to deal with? We collect everything, so that you only have to deal with one invoice. Which is again cost-effective.

You can both refinance without collateral, and you can refinance with collateral. Providing security means that we take a mortgage on your home. It can be profitable to collect all loans in one place; mortgage, credit card debt or other small loans. Are you wondering where you can find the cheapest loan refinancing? By combining several loans into one, the monthly cost will usually go down.

Eiendomsfinans has a separate team at Svea that only works with our loan applications so that things go as quickly as possible for you as a customer. Fill in the application form and we will help you.

During opening hours, you are welcome to call us on 32 88 00 00 or at any time send us an inquiry by e-mail: