This is what you should know about the debt register

This is what you should know about the debt register

How does the debt register work and what can you do to improve your own borrowing capacity?

The debt register tells you what credit debt and line credits you have and gives you an overview of which credit cards you have

Log in to and select “for private persons” in the top menu and then view your own information . Here you will be able to see your debt information related to consumer loans, credit lines and cards. Both credit limit and real balance will appear.

Information about the Debt Register:

  • When is the information deleted if you pay off debts or cancel unused credit cards:
    – When the debt has been settled and any credit limit has been liquidated. When updated debt information has been received and registered, previous debt information must be deleted.
  • Does the Debt Register contain information about houses, cars and student loans?
    – No, in the first phase the Debt Register only informs about loans without collateral. Loans with security can be found in a credit check with, for example, Bisnode or Experian.
  • What should you do?
    – Contact the bank to get them to delete credits or close cards you don’t use. If you have several credit cards in use with high interest rates, you should make sure to refinance expensive small loans so that you combine them into one consumer loan. The interest rate is much lower and you can reduce the repayment period.

Terminate cards you are not actively using, the frame counts as valid even if the card is not used.

When you apply for a mortgage , refinancing or other types of loans, the bank examines what is registered in your name at the Debt Register. Everything that appears here is considered part of your debt, even credit cards that have not been used. So, if you have a credit card where you have used NOK 0, but the credit limit is NOK 50,000, the bank will calculate that you have (potentially) NOK 50,000 in debt because you can, in principle, buy goods and services for NOK 50,000 on this card at any time.