We help customers of Aktiv find the right bank and loan for home financing.

Aktiv Gjøvik Land Toten can via Eiendomsfinans offer its customers a wider range of offers and solutions for financing than brokers who only work with a single bank. Eiendomsfinans represents a total of 14 mortgage banks!

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A large selection of banks and products means far more solutions and better offers for more customers. In addition to a rich banking offer in regular banks, we can also help a great many of those who cannot get a loan from a traditional bank.
These can be customers such as:

  • have a non-traditional form of income (influencers, artists, commission-based income, etc.)
  • has payment notes
  • are more than 2 patrons (family buys together)
  • self-employed

Ask us for a non-binding offer by filling in the contact form.

We never charge you as a customer, we get paid by the banks we work with.

Eiendomsfinans is a financial agent who obtains loan offers on behalf of the customer, we are the customer’s objective party in the banking market. After we have mapped the customer’s wishes and needs, we obtain the necessary information and documentation and optimize a loan application to the banks we think are a good fit for the customer in question. The customer does not have to spend time in many bank meetings himself and does not have to tell the same story time and time again.

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OUR TEAM – contact one of us directly:

Jo Alund

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Phone 478 03 697

Zulnare Kuresh Parhad

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Phone 455 15 869

Some of the products we provide:

Refinance mortgage

If you want to refinance your mortgage to renovate, re-build, collect loans or change conditions, you can read more about refinancing here

Intermediate financing

Intermediate financing / bridge loan usually has a term of up to six months, with the possibility of a few months’ extension. This means that you can own two homes for up to approx. half a year. When you or the broker receive the settlement for the home you have sold, the intermediate financing is paid back to the bank.

New mortgage

We help you with an optimal loan application and send this to the banks that we think are a good fit for your wishes and needs. A specific loan offer is obtained if the customer is in the bidding round, or a pre-qualification letter for the purchase of a new home.

Delete payment notes

Deleting payment notices can give you a fresh start if you have ended up in a situation with debt collection and payment notices. Then we help you with a new loan to collect all debts and make sure that you have payment notices deleted.

Refinance expensive small loans

At times in their lives, many people find that they have piled up 20,000 here and 30,000 there on various credit cards and consumer loans. The interest on such loans is often between 14-24%, so here it pays to combine everything into one consumer loan. We can help you gather expensive small loans without having to have security in your home.