Monica Amundsen Holen

Monica Amundsen Holen

helps you find the right bank, completely free of charge.

Eiendomsfinans works with a number of banks to find the bank that is best adapted to the individual customer. No bank is best for everyone, but I’ll find the right one for you. The work I do is completely free for you as a customer.

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Monica Amundsen Holen

After working for several years in an ordinary bank, I wanted to find a way to help ALL customers, not just those who were A4. I found this opportunity at Eiendomsfinans.

Before I joined Eiendomsfinans, I worked for several years in an ordinary bank. All too often I had clients in the office who were distraught because they no longer had an overview of their finances, and who wanted help to clean things up. But as many have experienced, it is difficult to get help from a normal bank if you do not have a completely A4 economy. So the only answer I could give was “sorry, we can’t help here”.

This made me incredibly frustrated and I therefore started the job of finding another way to help the customers. I found that opportunity at Eiendomsfinans. At Eiendomsfinans, we work with many different banks, which means that we can help both those whose finances fall within the box, but also those who are slightly outside the box.

My job is to find out what you need help with, and then do what I can to find a solution that is much better than the current situation.

If you trust me to help you, I can promise you this:

1. I will NEVER point the finger at you for the situation you have found yourself in.
2. I will put my soul into finding a solution for you that is better than the one you have today.
3. If I can’t find a solution, I will help you find out what is needed to reach the goal.
4. If the solution you have today is good, then I say so!
5. I will always treat you with respect.
6. I will be available to you, no matter what time it is or what day it is, if you need it.
7. The work I do for you will not cost you anything, regardless of whether I find a solution or not.

Regardless of the situation you are in, I say as I always do: Don’t sit and judge on your own whether your case can be resolved or not, that is my job. Often I can see solutions that you don’t even think of, so contact me anyway! I am here for you.

Remember that you live most of the time inside your own head, make it a good place to be 🙂

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Some of the products we can help you with:

Refinance mortgage

Refinancing can be done in several ways. We help you calculate what suits you best. If you want to refinance your mortgage to renovate, build, gather small loans or change conditions, you can also read more about refinancing here.

Refinance expensive small loans

At times in their lives, many people find that they have piled up 20,000 here and 30,000 there on various credit cards and consumer loans. The interest on such loans is often between 14-24%, so here it pays to combine everything into one consumer loan. We can help you collect expensive small loans without having to have security in your home.

Delete payment notes

Deleting payment notices gives you a fresh start if you have ended up in a situation with debt collection and payment notices. We will then help you with a new loan to collect all debts and make sure that you have payment notices deleted.

New mortgage

First time buying a home? Or do you want to invest in home no. 2? Then you need some good advice and, not least, a proof of financing. We quickly calculate how much you can expect to be approved for the purchase of a new home.

Intermediate financing

Intermediate financing / bridge loan usually has a term of up to six months, with the possibility of a few months’ extension. This means that you can own two homes for up to approx. half a year. When you or the broker receive the settlement for the home you have sold, the intermediate financing is paid back to the bank.

Restart loan

Restart loans are used to pay off loans with notes and you can consolidate all debts into one loan.
Restart loans are often intended as a temporary solution to help you move on, so that you can rebuild your finances over time and have payment notices deleted.

First home loan

With a first home loan, you get an extra low interest rate when you buy your first home – regardless of age.
Entering the housing market is challenging for many, and we are there to help you apply for a first home loan.

Senior loan

A loan for you over 60 years old with funds saved in your home. It doesn’t matter what your income is, only your age and the value of your home. You pay 0,- per month. on the loan. The interest cost is repaid when the home is sold. Read more about Senior Loans here.

Personal insurance

People who become disabled at a young age risk becoming one of tomorrow’s minimum pensioners. Disability insurance covers loss of income due to disability. This protects you financially against incapacity for work as a result of illness or injury. Read more about personal insurance here.

Controlling the finances can be challenging enough for A4 customers with a permanent job, home and children.

“Many are not aware that even those who are struggling financially can get good solutions in the bank.
In recent years, there have been many banks that specialize in customers who do not have an A4 economy” – says Monica Amundsen Holen.

Defaulted debts, debt collection, consumer loans and credit cards have become more common than one would think.
Fortunately, there are also many opportunities here for you who have found yourself in such a situation. I am very keen to help customers gain control over their finances through budgets, tips and advice, but also to find solutions to challenges that can be turned into opportunities.

Call me, or leave your contact information and I will get in touch for a pleasant and, of course, confidential chat about your personal finances.

Home loans, refinancing and intermediate financing

Mortgages and refinancing can be difficult to understand. What will you get for your home, what should you do in a bidding round, why has your bank said no?
If you buy a new home before you have sold the old one, you will often need interim financing .
I will help you from start to finish, and together we will find the way. We work with many banks and there are therefore many solutions.
We quickly find out which of our cooperating banks will suit you best.
No bank is best for everyone.