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Interest rate from nom. 2,60%/ eff. 2,68%. Example: 2 mill. o/25 years, total: 2 735 590 kr.

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refinancing mortgage

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In the different phases of life, the need for funding is different. Eiendomsfinans cooperates with several banks and credit institutions and has a lot of knowledge about what is available in solutions and products. Together with you, we review your entire financial situation and find optimal solutions. Some want to refinance to achieve better interest rates, others need to raise the loan to modernize their housing. Perhaps a home equity credit line is what you need? - We present the possibilities, you choose what suits you.

What should you choose?

With annuity loans you pay the same monthly amount throughout the term of the loan, provided that the interest rate level is stable. The monthly amount consists of the deductions and interest expenses.
With a serial loan, the repayments will be constant and interest expenses will decrease evenly as the loan decreases. As a result, the monthly amount will be less for each payment to the bank.

Home equity credit lines

A home equity line of credit provides a flexible option to a traditional home mortgage. You are free to choose whether you wish to use all or a portion of the credit line. You pay interest only on the amount drawn on the credit line. You can increase the loan amount within your agreed limit or make repayments as and when you want. You can have a credit of maximum 60% of the value of the property.

You can pay interest only, for a period.

Interest only can be granted on loans that have collateral within 60% of the value of the property. With deduction, you only pay interest on your loan. If you wish to pay a deduction sometimes, you also have the possibility to do so. Interest only loan is granted for 5 years at a time.