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Experiences with Eiendomsfinans:

The bank that helps you to
get balance in the economy again.

Through close and personal follow-up, Balansebank helps to improve the financial situation of people who have found themselves in difficulties.

Far too many Norwegians take out expensive consumer loans to get out of financial incapacity – a short-term solution that can quickly lead to an even bigger crisis.

This is a service for anyone who does not qualify for loans from ordinary banks. Through close and personal follow-up, Balanse wants to improve – and preferably refresh – the customers’ financial situation, so that they can once again become ordinary bank customers.

Eiendomsfinans has a separate team at Balansebank that only works with our loan applications so that things go as quickly as possible for you as a customer. Fill in the application form and we will help you.

During opening hours, you are welcome to call us on 32 88 00 00 or at any time send us an inquiry by e-mail: