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Boat or jetski

Boat loan with nom. interest rate from 4.95%

Example: Eff. Interest 8.03%, 150 000 kr, o / 5 years, total 181 492 kr

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Do you dream of wonderful days at sea?

With us, you will receive a loan or certificate of financing on the hour for a new or used boat. There are two different boat registers that affect your loan terms. The best loan terms are obtained from boats registered in the Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register NOR

Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register

Norsk Ordinært Skipsregister (NOR) is a public inspection company where we can list ship mortgage bonds that ensure our legal protection. A boat over 7 meters can be registered in NOR. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the boat is registered. Purchases of newer boats registered in NOR can be fully financed.


RS Small boat register

RS Småbåtregisteret are operated by the Rescue Company and is a voluntary register for pleasure boats. Insurance companies often require registration of these boats. We claim 35% equity when purchasing a boat registered in the small boat register / boat that is not registered in NOR.


Loan type depends on where the boat is registered or must be registered:

  • Boat under 7 meters
  • Up to 65% financing
  • Up to 7 years of repayment
  • Boat over 7 meters
  • Financing grade according to individual assessment
  • Up to 10 years of repayment
  • 1st priority ship mortgage bond in Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register (NOR)
  • Security in the trade by repaying any charges and paying the balance to the seller