Why should you use a mortgage adviser?

Why should you use a mortgage adviser?

There are many good reasons to use an adviser when you want to buy a home, refinance or collect expensive small loans. You save a lot of time and get good advice, useful information and knowledge that you will benefit from several times in your life.


All our cooperating banks have their own teams that work with applications from us. This is because we deliver large volumes and are prioritized both in terms of time and conditions. We usually have an offer ready within 24 hours if you have sent us all the necessary documentation. It is especially important to have someone to discuss the loan with when you are about to enter a bidding round.


You get a permanent adviser with us. You present your wishes and needs once and you submit the documentation once. Your adviser sets up an application against several banks and takes the discussion with the banks on your behalf. All the hours you save in meetings and conversations with different banks, you can use for something more rewarding for you. Most people do not have specialist expertise in loans, we do.


Since 1993, we have helped thousands of people with all forms of financing. The most important thing for us is that we find a bank and an offer that suits your wishes and needs, in addition, the work we do for you is completely FREE. We would not have existed in this market for so long if we did not have a high degree of ethics and morality both towards the customer and the bank. Read what our customers say about their experience with us here: Reviews on Facebook

Advisers in Eiendomsfinans sit and discuss around a table

How much do you know about loans?

Most people have limited knowledge of which bank is best for their particular needs, how much they can borrow, what a good interest rate is or in general the difference between annuity loans and serial loans . Eiendomsfinans are experts in loans and financing in general. When we get to know your wishes and needs, we will quickly find a bank that best accommodates this. In addition, we give you good advice on how you can reduce your monthly loan costs with simple measures. When we see your tax return, we also see how you can collect loans and reduce expenses.