Mortgage UNG (Boliglån UNG)

Mortgage UNG (Boliglån UNG) Boliglån UNG gives you the best interest rate if you are in the age group between 18 and 34 and have previously borrowed money to buy a home. If you are going to buy a home again, you should choose this type of loan. You get better conditions and a better … Read more

Annuity loan or serial loan?

Annuity loan or serial loan? What really suits you best and which type of loan should you choose? Annuity loans are the most common form of loan. You will then pay the same monthly amount throughout the term of the loan, provided that the interest rate is stable. The monthly amount consists of installments and … Read more

This is what you should know about the debt register

This is what you should know about the debt register How does the debt register work and what can you do to improve your own borrowing capacity? The debt register tells you what credit debt and line credits you have and gives you an overview of which credit cards you have Log in to … Read more

Compares mortgages from several banks

Eiendomsfinans compares mortgages from several banks. We apply for mortgages, compare terms and good solutions on the customer’s behalf. Our services are free for you as a customer! You tell your story once and we carry on the work with a number of banks. New home loan , refinancing , interim financing , Senior loan … Read more

Loan for renovation

Loan for renovation Eiendomsfinans applies for a loan for renovation, compares terms and finds good offers & solutions on your behalf. Why use a financial advisor to apply for a loan? Loan for renovation There are many different solutions and we explain to you what options you have. Series loans or annuity loans , home … Read more

Cohabitation agreement

5 reasons why you should consider a cohabitation agreement. If the topic is strained at the start, it will not improve if it is broken. Becoming cohabitants is a big and comprehensive decision that involves a number of changes for both parties. This can be regulated with a cohabitation agreement. For the vast majority of … Read more

Energy efficiency improvement

Energy efficiency improvement of housing With record high electricity prices, more and more of us have opened our eyes to energy efficiency measures at home. With the help of small and large measures, you can potentially reduce electricity consumption, and thus also your electricity expenses. There are several solutions that are relevant. Here we take … Read more

Loan for motorhome or caravan

Mann og kvinne hygger seg i en bolil. De har med en hund som sitte rog kikker ut av åpen bakluke.

Loan for motorhome or caravan With a motorhome or caravan, you have complete freedom to travel where you want and when you want, without planning a long time in advance. Many people choose a Norwegian holiday or car holiday in Europe with the freedom this provides. It is often difficult to get hold of an … Read more

How much does a mortgage cost?

How much does a mortgage cost? We have created a simple table where you can see different examples of how much a mortgage can cost per month. Below you will find examples of how much a loan costs per month. If you have a loan that does not amount to more than 60% of the … Read more