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A financing certificate or a loan certificate is confirmation that you can get a mortgage up to a certain amount from a bank. You can use this proof as documentation before an estate agent when you want to submit an offer for a home.

Apply for a pre-qualification­letter via Eiendomsfinans

The process is mostly both simple and fast. It is an advantage to have a pre-qualification­letter when you want to buy a home. Then you will be sure that you have the necessary funds to make the purchase. This can give you advantages in a bidding round with short deadlines.
In addition, it is an advantage for the broker to see the proof that you have purchasing power, it helps to carry out the trade.

Questions and answers about proof of funding:

What is a pre-qualification­letter?

It is a document that confirms that a person has money and loans to carry out a home purchase, or an investment. So: a document from the bank that confirms how expensive the property you can buy.

Is this not your first home to borrow for? Then you can read more about mortgages here

Why is a pre-qualification­letter necessary?

It is necessary to show that a person has sufficient funds to cover the financial obligations arising from an investment or other form of economic activity. This is often a requirement from estate agents, banks, investors or authorities.

What kind of information does a pre-qualification­letter contain?

It contains information about the purchase price the bank has approved for the customer and how the financial distribution is between loans and equity. Other: What priority mortgage the bank requires, within which security of the home’s value, maturity and today’s current interest rate.

How do I get a pre-qualification­letter?

By contacting a bank or a financial advisor who will help you collect and present the information needed. Get help in preparing a detailed plan for how the money will be used, budget and repayment schedule.

If it is not your first home that you are applying for a loan for, but you are under 34 years of age, you can read more about Boliglån UNG here .

What kind of documents do I need to submit when I apply for a fpre-qualification­letter?

You will normally have to provide documentation that confirms:
– your income, assets and debt ratio
– a detailed plan for how the money will be used and how the financial obligations will be covered.

How much does it cost to get a pre-qualification­letter?

Via Eiendomsfinans is completely free of charge for you as a customer. Most banks do, too, but we help you find a bank that suits you. We also write the application for you – completely free of charge.

How long is a pre-qualification­letter valid?

This is valid for 3 months from when it was produced at the vast majority of banks. After this, the bank must obtain fresh documentation of debt and income in order to renew the financing certificate.

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