Refinancing Trondheim

Refinancing Trondheim

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We work with 19 banks to find the bank and the solution that will be best for you.

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Which bank and which type of loan do you think suits you best?

Most people have limited knowledge of which bank is best for their specific needs, how much they can borrow, what a good interest rate is or in general the difference between annuity loans and serial loans. Eiendomsfinans are experts in loans and financing in general. When we get to know your wishes and needs, we will quickly find a bank that best accommodates this. In addition, we give you good advice on how you can reduce your monthly loan costs with simple measures. When we see your tax return, we also see how you can collect loans and reduce expenses.

There are many good reasons to use an adviser when you want to buy a home, refinance or collect expensive small loans. You save a lot of time and get good advice, useful information and knowledge that you will benefit from several times in your life.


Refinancing means so much. Do you want a lower interest rate? Do you want to extend the term? Perhaps you are going to build on the house or modernize so that you need a loan? Get in touch and we will find good alternatives for you

New mortgage

With us, you get good advice and competitive offers before your new home purchase. The advantage of using us when you apply for a financing certificate is that we check with several banks to ensure good conditions.

Intermediate financing

What is mezzanine financing? You often need interim financing when you are going to buy a new home before you have sold the old one. Interim financing is capital you have left over in the home you are going to sell.

Senior loan

For you over 60 with capital saved in housing. The loan amount you get is affected by the property’s value, location and your age. Income has no impact on the loan amount, which is an advantage for pensioners who do not have such a high income.

Refinance expensive small loans

Collecting loans and credits gives you more benefits than just savings. You get a tidy overview of your bills, less expenses and better options with the banks compared to other loans. Here you can save a lot with simple measures.

Delete payment notes

Do you have many expensive small loans , want to erase debt collection or perhaps you need assistance to find out who you owe money to? It is important to tackle the problems before you end up in a situation where forced sales and debt settlement are the only solutions.

Restart loan

For restart loans, the bank accepts that you have payment notices or debt collection. You must be able to offer security in housing. Refinance expensive loans with collateral in housing.

Special loan

Some loan applicants have difficulties in getting a loan approved in traditional banks, even though their income should be good enough to get a loan approved. You can read more about the reasons for this here

Stop forced sales

Get help to avoid forced sales. There are several banks and several ways to solve financial challenges. We work with all the banks that offer debt refinancing with payment notices.

New car loan

We help you find out how much you can borrow in advance, so you’re ready when the car of your dreams shows up. However, if you have already found the car you want, you can get an offer within a very short time.

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