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We can find out how much you can borrow in advance, so you're ready when the car you want appears. Have you found the dream car already, you can get offers within a very short time. You can easily sign the loan with BankID. If you want to talk to an adviser, please call us, chat with us or visit one of our offices.

Interest from nom. 3.75%

Electric car: rates from nom. 3,75%
Regular car: rates from nom. 3,85%
Up to 10 years of repayment
(car model year + loan term = up to 15 years)
Up to 100% financing

Price example:

Loan amount: 130,000, -
Equity: 70.000, - (35%)
Establishment fee: 2.950, -
Disclosure: 1.516, -
Termination fee: 85, -
Repayment period: 5 years
Term amount per month: 2.524, -
Nom. interest rate: 3,85% | Equity rate: 6,36%