Help to clear up debt?

Help to clear up debt

Some people need to collect expensive small loans to reduce the costs of their loans. Others have received a payment notice and want to have it deleted.

Do you need help clearing up debt?

Do you have many expensive small loans , want to erase debt collection or perhaps you need help to find out who you owe money to? We can do a credit check for you.

It is important to deal with the problems of clearing up debts before you end up in a situation where foreclosure and debt settlement are the only solutions. Even if you have ended up there, we can help you find solutions so that you get a fresh financial start. Eiendomsfinans offers you a personal and free adviser. We never charge you as a customer, we get paid by the banks to do the work for them in obtaining correct and collected information about the customer. We create the loan application for you and send it to the banks we think are suitable for you based on your wishes and needs. The offers you receive via Eiendomsfinans are always non-binding.

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If you want to delete payment notes, the loan must be secured by a home or other real estate. You must be able to offer up to 85% security in real estate, and you must have enough income to be able to pay for the loan. Ability to pay in the form of fixed income is assumed, or that repayment of the loan is based on future sales (within approx. 1 year). In the main, it is security in housing and liquidity that count when you apply for help to clear up debt.

Establishment fees are tax deductible.