Refinance debt

Debt refinancing can be done in many ways.

Here we talk about the different forms of debt refinancing.

To refinance is to replace the loan or loans you have with a new loan. For some it is about obtaining a better interest rate on the loan than they have today, for others it may be about borrowing a little more for renovations. There are also many people who want to combine expensive small loans into one cheaper loan.

By lowering the overall effective interest rate, you get a cheaper loan and more money left over to be able to pay it off faster.

Loans can be refinanced both with and without collateral in the home. If you own a home or can get security in a home, you can refinance larger amounts and also refinance debt with payment notices. The comments will then be deleted after the refinancing and you will be declared financially healthy.

If you do not own a home, but have several credit cards with high interest rates, there is usually a lot to save by refinancing and consolidating credit card debt into one consumer loan. It allows for faster repayment, lower monthly amounts and only one bill to deal with.

» We work with many banks to find the solution that best suits you when it comes to refinancing debt. The work we do in obtaining loan offers is both free and non-binding for you as a customer”



Our partner banks have teams that only work with loan applications from us. These cases are prioritized so that our customers receive quick answers and offers for debt refinancing.



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You will be assigned a permanent adviser who will follow your case from A to Z. Once we have mapped your wishes and needs for debt refinancing, we optimize your loan application to the relevant banks. You only tell your story once, we do the rest of the work.